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How to Make Ribbon Decorations with Rolled Fondant and Modeling Chocolate

A Video by Julia M Usher

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So, my video from two weeks ago showed how to make chocolate dough, and in this week's video, I show some very simple, yet pretty cookie- and cake-top decorations, all of which can be made from it (or rolled fondant, if you prefer). Each of these decorations starts off the same way, with a basic ribbon, and then builds, quite quickly, from there! 




If you'd like to see this video in all its HD* glory, along with linked annotations to other videos and tutorials, then please view it on my new YouTube channel here: And if you like, please subscribe to my channel while you're there. Thanks!


*This site limits uploads to 100MB, which means that this video needed to be compressed to view here.


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  • Tiny Cookie-Top Fondant Bows: Photo by Steve Adams, from Julia M Usher's Ultimate Cookies
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