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Jumping Jack and Jill
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #12

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These were one of my Sugar Show entries for CC 2015.  I had originally intended to only do one entry.  I wanted to try to get the engineering right and create a working owl for the Wildlife category.  When this PBP challenge came up, I figured I could add a couple of people-like ones that fit here, too.  They are based on two of the toys in my Hampelmann collection but I was unable to discover the artist.

Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:

It was so hard to resist pulling those strings when I saw these at the Sugar Show! These are a terrific spin on the challenge!

I should have put a note inviting people to try them.  The Garfield actually jumped the best.


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  • CC SS 2015: These are all three of my entries.  The owl was in the Wildlife, Garfield was in Comics/Superheroes and the clowns were in Anything Goes.  My schoolbus was a poor design that couldn't be saved.
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