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What a nice and very tastefully done way to remember that horrific time. My oldest son enlisted in the Marine Corps two days after the attacks. I was terrified. He's home now, safe and sound. Thank you for such a nice tribute.

When I made these cookies I just wanted to make a tribute to all the people that passed that terrible day that change the modern history. I believe that everybody must honored the anonimous heroes that gave their lives that day. I think that that day all the world became in one to pray for the victims. It is my way to honored them! 


Lee Ann, I'm happy to know that your son is at home and safe. All my respect of all members of the US army that fight that day and the days after to conserve this country and the world secure! 

What a lovely tribute!


Just curious - are the details (black lettering, stripes, stars) done with fondant or royal icing? Hard to tell from this view. Thanks!

Originally Posted by cookiely:

Hi Julia, all is Royal icing, all also piping by hand. It tooks me like a week to complete them. 


Just for that, I added them to the intricately piped cookie set! 

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