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Seven Steps to Flawless Rolled Cookies

A Video by Julia M Usher

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Any cookie decorator knows that a decorated cookie is only as lovely as its underlying cookie "canvas"! In this video, I reveal my seven steps to flawless rolled cookies, including how to cut to minimize distortion and bake for even browning. And what's even better?! None of these steps requires any fancy tools, such as dough boards or rolling pin guides. With the right dough, a rolling pin, and a heavy-gauge sheet pan, you can consistently get picture-perfect cutout cookies. 


To view the video in high def with all of the linked annotations, click here to see it on YouTube.


P.S. This video is one of 16 videos originally filmed for my DVD series, which was discontinued in November 2014. Select videos from the series will be released to YouTube over time, but my app will remain the only place where you can find all of the original DVD videos. To learn more about my app, click here.


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  • Nicely Shaped Cookies: Cookies by Julia M Usher; Photo by Steve Adams
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