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Hi, News Sweets on the Blog, for this image to be eligible for the Christmas Countdown Challenge, it needs to have a cookie number on it corresponding to one of the 25 days of Christmas. I do not see one, so I am removing it from that clip set and the contest. To enter the contest, please be sure to submit cookies/images that follow all of the guidelines described here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...decorating-challenge


I'd love to have you participate, but all cookies must fit the eligibility requirements. Thanks so much.

Thank you very much Cindy! I made caramel, and when the cookies cooled completely I poured a small amount in them. To keep the caramel white you have to boil it in low temperature, the sugar that way doesn't turn braun

Oh my gosh are these ever adorable!


I have a question. You said you poured the caramel in the cookies once they cooled. I've never done anything like this with cookies and would love to try it. Do you just lay the cookies on parchment and pour the candy? How long do you have to wait for them to dry then, before moving and decorating them? And then you just paint on them? Super, super cute!

Beadchick posted:

Hi, I'm new to all this. Are there instructions for making these cookies somewhere? They are beautiful!!  Thanks 


They are cute, but, no, there are not any instructions for making them that have been posted to this site, as far as I can see. People often post their cookie images to the "Clips" section on Cookie Connection without linking to tutorials, or even writing tutorials in the first place. However, if someone has created a tutorial to go with an images s/he has posted, s/he will typically provide a link to the tutorial in the first comment under the image. The site also has a number of official contributors who DO write tutorials for Cookie Connection on a regular basis, and these can all be found in the various tutorial "collections" under the "Blog" section of this site. Hope this helps!

P.S. Though if you read all of the comments above yours on this photo, you'll see that the creator did provide some tips for making the "glass". You can also contact her directly via the contact information on her profile page for more information, if you'd like.

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