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Flour Use in Rolled Cookies

In preparation for Liesbet Schietecatte's next Toolbox Talk, which is all about flour, the different types of it, and the use of it in rolled cookies, I'd like to ask you a few questions about flour availability in your part of the world, which type(s) you most commonly use in rolled cookies, and some other odds and ends! Ready?! I hope so!  This survey is very short (only 14 multiple choice questions PLUS ONE BONUS QUESTION), and should take no more than 10 minutes or so to fill out!

(1) If you select any "Other" options in any of the questions, please also specify what that "Other" is in the box that appears underneath. Responses are limited to 255 characters. PLEASE NOTE: THIS MEANS SPECIFYING THE BRAND YOU USE (EVEN IF A STORE'S PRIVATE LABEL BRAND) IN "OTHER" IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT ALREADY LISTED IN Q7!

(2) If a question does not apply to you or you don't know the answer, DO NOT skip it; instead, select the "N/A (not applicable)" or "D/K (don't know)" option. You must answer all questions, or your responses will not be saved by the system.

(3) Regarding that last bonus question (Q15): On September 30, I'll be drawing one name from among the list who answer it correctly, and that person will receive a grab bag of cookie goodies from me valued at about $100 USD.

Thanks for your participation!

Q1: What TYPE (or TYPES) of flour (for baking) are commonly found in shops where you live? (Check all that apply.)

Q2: What TYPE (or TYPES) of flour do you use in your rolled cookie dough? (Check all that apply.)

Q3: What TYPE of flour do you MOST OFTEN use in your rolled cookie dough? (Check one only.)

Q4: Why do you most often use the TYPE of flour mentioned in Q3? (Check no more than three options, please.)

Q5: Is there any TYPE of flour that you cannot easily find in your local stores? (Check all that apply.)

Q6: Looking back at the TYPE of flour you most often use (Q3), is it bleached or unbleached? (Check the one answer that best applies.)

Q7: What BRAND of flour do you most often use in your rolled cookie dough? (Check one only.)

Q8: Which statement best describes the function of gluten in baked goods? (Check the one answer that best applies.)

Q9: Which TYPE of flour has the highest gluten content? (Check the one answer that best applies.)

Q10: Which TYPE of flour is best used in rolled cookie dough? (Check the one answer that best applies.)

Q11: If you can't find the TYPE of flour called for in your rolled cookie dough recipe, do you ever alter any other type of flour to approximate it? (Please check the one answer that best describes the frequency that you might do this.)

Q12: In what country do you live? [Note: If you don't see your country listed, hit "Other" and fill in the blank.]

Q13: Are you a hobbyist or a professional cookie decorator? (By professional, I mean someone who sells decorated cookies or other related items, such as cookie decorating products or classes.)

Q14: How long have you been decorating cookies?

Q15 BONUS QUESTION: How much does one cup of all-purpose (wheat) flour weigh? (Check the one answer that best applies.)

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