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SITE SUGGESTION: How Interested Are You in a "Favorites" Feature?

Hi, a Cookie Connection member also recently suggested that a "favorites" feature be added to the site. This feature would allow you to select certain content (clips, videos, blog and forum posts, etc.) and tag it as one of your favorites. Your "favorites" would be filed separately on your profile page, so that you could refer back to them at any time. While there is already a "like" feature on the site, the idea is that "favorites" would be akin to a super-"like", reserved only for those very special content bits that you want to find quickly or refer to time and time again.


Please vote in the poll below to indicate whether you would be interested in such a feature. If enough members are interested, I'll forward the idea to my site support team for consideration. Interest from Cookie Connection members alone does not mean that they will necessarily implement this change, but if they think it is likely to have broad enough appeal (across all of their member sites), then they could possibly implement at no cost to Cookie Connection. (Otherwise, implementation is likely not possible at this time, as it would require considerable investment by Cookie Connection.)

Extremely interested
Relatively interested
Could take it or leave it
Relatively uninterested
Not at all interested; I'd rather see other site features added first
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Posted by Julia M. Usher ·

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UPDATE: Thanks for your input! Due to the lukewarm interest in this feature, it will not be implemented in the foreseeable future.



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