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Powdered Sugar Preferences and Experience

IMPORTANT UPDATE AS OF 9/15/2016: There WAS an odd one-time issue with how the survey system was capturing and reporting "other" responses, but we fixed it. Unfortunately, we lost all of your write-in "other" responses in the process, so I zeroed out the survey and am starting it over from scratch. If you took the survey before, PLEASE TAKE IT AGAIN so we can re-build the database that we started. So sorry for any inconvenience that this may create, but please know that I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR INPUT! Thank you! ~JMU

In anticipation of Liesbet Schietecatte's next Toolbox Talk, which is all about powdered sugar (aka confectioner's sugar), I'd like to ask you about the brands you've used and your experiences with them. So here goes! This is a short survey (only 12 multiple choice questions), so it should go fast!

(1) If you select any "Other" options in any of the questions, please also specify what that "Other" is in the box that appears underneath. Responses are limited to 255 characters. PLEASE NOTE: THIS MEANS SPECIFYING THE BRAND YOU USE IN "OTHER" IF YOU DO NOT SEE IT ALREADY LISTED IN Q3!

(2) If a question does not apply to you, DO NOT skip it; instead, select the "N/A (not applicable)" option.

Q1: What is powdered sugar (i.e., the sugar used in decorative icing) called in your country? (Check all that most commonly apply.)

Q2: Do you use powdered sugar in the icing you make for decorated cookies?

Q3: What brand of powdered sugar do you most often use when making royal icing for decorated cookies? (Please select "Other" and list your brand if you do not see yours already listed!)

Q4: What grade of powdered sugar (i.e., 4X, 6X, 10X) do you use for your icing for decorated cookies?

Q5: On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5=extremely satisfied, how satisfied are you with your primary brand of powdered sugar (mentioned in Q3) for cookie decorating?

Q6: [If you answered 3 or less to Q5] What, if anything, could be changed about your primary brand of powdered sugar to make you more satisfied with it for cookie decorating? (Select all that apply.)

Q7: Have you ever used any other brands of powdered sugar for making icing for cookie decorating?

Q8: [If you answered "Yes" to Q7] What was the name of this brand (or brands)? (Select as many as apply.)

Q9: [If you answered "Yes" to Q7] Why is (are) the brand(s) you mentioned in Q7 no longer your primary brand for icing for cookie decorating? (Select as many as apply.)

Q10: In what country do you live? [Note: If you don't see your country listed, hit "Other" and fill in the blank.]

Q11: Are you a hobbyist or a professional cookie decorator? (By professional, I mean someone who sells decorated cookies or other related items, such as cookie decorating products or classes.)

Q12: How long have you been decorating cookies?

This is a transparent survey.
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