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Site Background Survey

Hi, everyone! As Cookie Connection's Site Art Stylist responsible for designing and formatting the site's banner and background images each month, I am interested in optimizing the background image so that it views well on the majority of members' and guests' devices. So, I'd like to ask you four short questions about how you see the background image on the device you most often use when visiting Cookie Connection.

As with all surveys, the more members and guests who participate, the more accurate the results! I would be very happy to receive numerous answers! Again, it's a super short survey with only four questions. And . . . it's an anonymous survey! (It doesn't matter who owns what device; all that's important is how the background image reveals or displays on your device.) And . . . anyone who uses the site is welcome to answer; not just Cookie Connection members.

Why am I asking these questions, you ask?

Good question! Since various devices have different aspect ratios (the ratio of the width to the height of the screen), each of you will likely see the background image differently. Those having devices with large aspect ratios will see more of the background than those with smaller aspect ratios. In fact, those viewing on mobile phones won't see any background image at all, because every inch of space is needed to display the primary content of the site. So, I'm asking in order to determine what aspect ratio, if any, is most common among viewers. With this info, I can optimize the size and crop of the background images so they view best (with their nicest parts revealing) for most of you.

Also to know before you take this survey:
(1) Open-ended (aka fill-in-the-blank or "Other") responses below are limited to 255 characters.
(2) Unfortunately, the Cookie Connection survey software will not allow you to skip questions. You must answer every one, or the system won't accept any of your responses. Choose the answer that best fits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a private message on my Cookie Connection member profile or a comment below.

Thanks so much for your input!

Q1: What type of device do you most often use to access this site?

Check just one option - again, select the type of device you most often use when viewing Cookie Connection. We do not want the brand of your device; just the type. If you don't see your type listed, then select "Other", and fill in the blank.

Q2: What is the aspect ratio (or screen resolution) of this device? (See the notes below for how to figure it out.)

Again, the aspect ratio (also known as screen resolution) is the ratio of the width to the height of your screen. Screen resolution is often expressed in pixels, such as 1920 x 1080, where 1920 pixels is the width of the screen and 1080 is the height. Written in ratio form, 1920:1080 reduces to 16:9.

So how do you figure out your aspect ratio/screen resolution? There are at least a few ways:

1) It is typically stored on your device. (On a Mac, it can be found under the Apple icon, and then under About This Mac/Displays.) This site will help you locate this information on your device. This approach is generally the most accurate of the three listed here.
2) Alternatively, just go to this site, and it will show you your screen resolution.
3) Lastly, you could take a screenshot of your entire display, and then read the pixel size off the saved image data.

Choose the method that's easiest for you, and select the single best response below. If you don't see your aspect ratio/screen resolution, select "Other", and fill in the blank.

Q3: Please open up the Cookie Connection home page on the device you mentioned in Q1, and expand it to fill the entire screen. Then take a screenshot. Send the screenshot to me as described below.

You can either send me a PM with your screenshot (just got to my member profile to do this), or you can post it in a comment under this survey once you have completed the survey. In the "Your Opinion" box below this question, please tell me where you are sending this image (enter either "In PM" or "In Comments"). Again, you must fill out that box, or the system will not accept your survey.

An example: Julia most often views the site on her laptop, which has a 2560 x 1600 screen resolution. Below is what the site looks like on her screen:

Julia's Screenshot

Q4: How often do you visit Cookie Connection with the device you mentioned in Q1?

Choose the one response that best applies on average.

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