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This suggestion just in from member JPinBrooklyn:


Pinterest Suggestion


And here's my answer:


The site host ( plans to roll out a Pinterest sharing feature (a link to pin at the bottom of each uploaded photo) in a next iteration of the site platform, though I don't know exactly when that will be.


In the meantime, you can pin any photo on this site as you would pin from any other site. I have installed a "Pin It" button in my browser that allows me to pin on any site I'm browsing (that allows pinning) at the click of a button. For instructions on how to install a "Pin It" button, please read this link on the Pinterest site.


Thanks for the suggestion.


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  • Pinterest Suggestion: From JPinBrooklyn
Original Post

We think it would be very positive to have a Pinterest feature. It would help us all to keep our favourite clips from other cookie artists organised and also to contribute to their visibility. 

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