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Live Chat with Rebecca Weld of The Cookie Architect

Hey, Rebecca, it's great to have you back for a chat! I'm eager to hear how CookieCon went and about all of your latest cookie adventures! For those of you who don't know, Rebecca originated our Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge series here on Cookie Connection!
Before we jump into Q&A, just a few housekeeping notes for newbies to our chats: questions are answered in the order received, but they will not post to the public/viewable area of the chat until Rebecca reads and answers them. We'll work through questions that were logged in advance first; then start working on questions asked live during the chat. That said, please be patient and do not re-post the same question. It may take some time to answer your question, depending on where it sits in the queue. But I will personally make sure every question gets answered before we're through!
Please also ask just one question at a time - it's easier for our guests to keep track of questions and for others to follow the dialogue this way. So, let's get started!
I've got a question or two for you to get this chat started. I know you did a gorgeous cookie puzzle that released around holiday time last year. Can you tell us a little bit about how that project came about, and what was required of you to take it from idea to finished project?
Julia- absolutely! The puzzle projects have been some of the most fun that I've had with cookies! It started when a fan told me that Springbok was having a contest where you could submit a photo to be made into one of their puzzles that year. At her nudging, I submitted my Zentangle Valentine cookies. I got an email from them afterward saying that while that particular image was a little too “flat” to be made in to a puzzle, they had looked at my work and wanted to work with me on a custom cookie set for them. It took us a little bit for our schedules to work together, but then we collaborated together on the set that became my first puzzle. I actually made two different sets of cookies for them that first time, but they have only published one of them to date. The process started with them giving me some style guidance, in terms of theme and colors, what they were looking for with their market experience. The lady I was working with had some photos of cookies she had seen and liked the idea of, and for both sets I started there and then developed a sketch, and a basic outline of where I was going with it. They pretty much let me go from there. I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration, and fleshing out the sets, and then I did full scale paper mock ups of the cookies to get a layout that would work with some density and layering in the shape that the puzzle might be. They needed projects that were “more than just decorated cookies on a plate” but they knew that cookies and food were a real mainstay of their puzzle catalog. For me it was fun because I could really let my detail oriented side out to play. That said, the cookies ended up blown up to 3 or 4 times their normal size, so I knew every flaw would be on display too, so that was nerve wracking! In the end, I made these TWO huge sets of cookies, and halfway through I had to throw out half of my flowers because the color was all wrong for my Spring set. But I was glad I did, because they were very happy with the cookies in the end. I actually ship the cookies to them and they do the shoot. They organized the cookies a little differently than I did, but it all worked. I'm most excited that they also set it up to be the start of a series. So this season, I also have a new puzzle that has come out and I am about to go full court press with- A Christmas cookie wreath in a winter bird theme!!
Long answer . . . I'm going to give you all some time to read it before I post the next question!
Sorry! It was a long story!
No prob - it's interesting. I'm still reading it! How are others doing?
Ask new questions too ladies! I'll work on answers!
Ooh, I can't wait to see the new puzzle!
Everyone else all caught up with reading? Please let me know by chiming in!
I would like to ask Rebecca how she combines a full time day job with cookies? Do you make cookies only as a creative outlet, or also for sale? If also for sale, does that mean night work when kids are asleep, and how do you keep it all going?
Liesbet, that's a good question! I make cookies primarily as a creative outlet. When I do sell them, it is more as art pieces or commissions, than cookies for the party. I'm not even set up to sell cookies to eat - so I give away most of my cookies so that they will get eaten! It's actually a bit of a struggle for me, because I have so many ideas and things I want to do with cookies, but it is not my full-time job, which provides a lot of my family's income. So when I do make cookies, it is usually at the expense of sleeping or vacuuming or that sort of thing. Over the years I've had to be more and more protective of my health and life balance, so I can't make cookies as much as I want to!
There are several cookie artist that I admire, you being one of them of course. I've noticed that each one has her own style. How did you know when you came upon your style and your unique flair, and how would you advise others to find their own style?
Hi Shannon! Style is a tricky business! Lot's of my friends say they don't have a style, but when you or I look at their work, we know that those cookies are theirs, because we can see it. I never came upon my style, but from the beginning I would look at what cookiers were doing and think “What do I want to do with that?” Maybe because cookies are a creative output for me, I've never done anything except ask myself what appeals to me and then do it. That's all finding your style is! Do what you love! If you like texture, make things textured. If you like it all smooth, do that. Need luster on everything? You and me both, girl.
Is this where I post questions??? Hey wait. That wasn't my question I wanted to ask though . . .
LOL - yes, Laura! You're in the right spot!
I'd like to create a Round Robin Cookie. Have you ever participated in such a thing, and if not, would you be interested in these sorts of shenanigans? It's where participants bake a set size cookie and send their own cookie off to the next artist listed who then must come up with their "round" or addition. They then send it off to the next cookier, and so on and so forth. When all rounds have been exhausted- you get your original cookie back. Sounds challenging, doesn't it??? Love you, miss you, mean it!
Cool idea; let's see what Rebecca thinks. She's managed a number of collaborations in the past.
Laura - I have never created a Round Robin cookie. Not sure if I'm following along. Are we building a set one cookie at a time, or decorating on top of the same cookie layer by layer? Either way, sounds cool! My experience as a follower of all things cookie is that the key is involved and interested participants. I've heard of similar projects with a cutter making the rounds, that have gotten caught up with someone who forgets to keep the whole thing moving. I am not uninterested, but I am busy, so if you get something going come find me and I'll do it if I can!
Yeah, keeping the thing moving might be a challenge, but I'd love to see what came from a process like this. It's sort of like some of those Food Network challenges . . .
. . . where the dish passes from one chef to the next.
I'm not familiar with those, but I love design collabs that really team up sensibilities!
Part of the next question has already been asked by me . . . but it has a good second part.
How did your deal with Springbok puzzles come about? And what advice do you have for others who may be seeking opportunities that involve cookies without selling actual cookies to actual customers?
Hi Christine! I answered the first part of your question above for Julia. But I'll add here from a business perspective that it is set up as a royalty system. They pay me a percentage of sales from the first year of the puzzle's life. Like the puzzles, almost all of my paying gigs and published work have come about because someone approached me. BUT, they approached me because my work was good and compelling, and my work was out there! So I keep my profile high, and I've lucked out in that regard, with a local NPR piece that went national, and I stay active on social media, share my work, and submit it as art in contests and things as well! In the end though, it's the cookies. My main advice is to keep your art top notch, be true to yourself, and build your audience for that. Also, this might seem like it doesn't matter, but I have found scale of the project makes a big difference. One amazing cookie wows people, but a set with depth AND breadth leaves a lasting impression, in my experience. That's something I learned from Arty McGoo's early work!
Psst! Others type in some questions too!
Yes, those on the chat - please keep the questions coming! We just have one more in the queue, so we'll be ready to move onto live questions very soon!
I'm allowing a little more time to read the last answer too! Chock full of good advice, though I'm not sure about the single cookie comment . . .
I would say that single cookies can be great! But in terms of notice outside the cookie community, sometimes those big projects just get more attention.
. . . I can think of a number of people who have gotten Craftsy classes, teaching gigs, built large and lucrative YouTube channels, etc, largely on the basis of single cookies or single methods.
If you were to leave your career as an architect (assuming you could afford to do so), would you pursue a "career" in cookies, and if so, what would that career look like?
Ooh! Good point! I guess I would say that the bigger projects are what have made MY work noticable.
Hi Rebecca! I'm Glad to see you here!
glad to "see you too Yoli!
How are things post Cookie Con"
Here's the answer to the last one; will again allow a little time to read!
Ahh Christine, that would be a very imaginary career indeed. But if I did win that lottery, yes, I would probably dive in to cookies as my next pursuit. That said, I think I would also be doing other, related art pursuits as well, such as my interest in drawing and illustration. I would approach it like an art career, and look at ways that other artists make a living. I would love to teach, not just decorating but design, and maybe not just cookie design, but any design career where there are “clients” to be catered to - I love the space where creativity meets constraints, and I have a lot of experience working there. I would work on getting published. A book is definitely a dream, but maybe not a how-to book exactly. My blog would be A LOT more active, that's for sure.
So, we're onto live questions now and we have a few, but keep 'em coming. The first is from Kim!
Hi, Rebecca! How do you balance your cookie passion with family and day job?
Kim, It's a struggle, honestly. There is a lot of “I can't ever do THAT again.” But I have a supportive family and I just keep refining my process and what I take on. And I have spent years now on a sleep deficit and that has caught up with me!
Watch out with those sleep patterns (that's the mom in me speaking). They WILL catch up with you . . . (she says from experience).
How do you get your puzzles to fit perfectly together? They are amazing, and I'm a huge fan of your work!
Thank you Andrea! For your puzzle question- I use a stable dough, microplane and trim when warm. Then I usually decorate with the pieces assembled or partially assembled so the design carries well over the lines between cookies.
I asked, often feeling unbalanced, and you do it so well!
How do you manage your ideas? Is there any sort of organization or do you just go with the flow? I seem to get so many ideas and forget later. I thought about keeping an idea journal of sorts.
Kim- it's amazing how it can seem that way! I definitely go up and down.
Shannon- in a word, Pinterest. I have lots of secret and not secret boards. I also write things down on scraps of paper and put them in a folder. But mostly I will comment on a photo related to the idea and put it in a pinterest board.
We covered a little of the following in the answer to Christine's earlier question, but, knowing you, there is likely more to add . . .
Hi, Rebecca. You've done so much cool stuff involving cookies - what is your next big ambition?
Ahhhhh! Thank you! I appreciate you sharing your process! They are such beautiful pieces. Puzzles are my nemesis and I want to change that. lol
Rebecca, I did't know that you have a full-time job.
Yes, Yolis, she's a full-time architect.
Miss Sweden- My next big ambition? A book of some sort. I feel shy to say what I'd really like, but I will tell you guys. I want to illustrate a children's book with cookies! Also, I'd love to publish coloring pages and cookies together in a book.
Frost me Beautiful- just start practicing! Something with straight edges to start!
Sounds like you could be close to doing the latter. Cool!
This one has just been asked, but posting it with its follow-up question . . .
Ah- my book dreams are just that at the moment!
Hi Rebecca! Love your work! So inspiring! I just got done reading everything posted so far and let me just say, my family got me your puzzle for my birthday and it is awesome! Cannot wait to see the Christmas one!! That being said, how do you get cookies to fit together like puzzles - I have tried twice and has some difficulty!
Oops, I was apparently typing the same question as Frost Me Beautiful . . . how do you microplane with the curves or do you have another method?
Yoli, I am a full time architect with my own firm and an employee. It's all very serious.
I microplane curves carefully! Haha! I also will trim with a sharp knife while it is still warm. I also so assume a little bit of spread and try and account for that with the shapes.
You touched on this next one as well, but anything else to add?
Any plans in the works for your coloring pages? I've been seeing lots of "grown-up" coloring books lately and they made me think of you.
I love my coloring page projects, but I don't have an 'in" in publishing currently, or a lot of time to pursue it, so it's a bit on the back burner. I'm sure the craze will pass and I'll miss the boat, so I'll just find some other fun art to do with my drawings!
You answered my question in another answer. I like that idea.
Maybe Springbok (sp?) could help you with that "in"? They're basically in the same business from the standpoint of how the deals get structured.
I'd like to approach a shop about providing cookies and am just wondering if you have any tips to go about this. So far my idea is to make a range of cookies at different price points and to try to get an interview with the proper person. Any other tips? It's a big organisation but with only two shops locally. I'm a bit overwhelmed but really want to pursue this.
Good Idea Julia! I'll talk to my contact there!
The children's cookie book with coloring pages. Brilliant.
Brilliant idea! The CookieCon book looked amazing (haven't seen an actual copy, just select pages various cookies have shared) and I think a kids' book illustrated using cookies would be fab! Also, we all know colouring in is the new "in" hobby, so that would definitely be a success too!
Oooh Fernwood that wasn't even my idea, but NOW it is!
Ha! I guess I misread it then!
Frost me Beautiful- it sounds like you are on the right track. If you present yourself professionally you will be great, and I have no doubt you would of course! I have seen this question asked and answered in cookie groups on Facebook, so it might not hurt to ask there- so you would have something to expect in terms of what they might ask or how they might want to structure that relationship.
Going a little out of order, in order to stay on themes . . . here's a follow-up from Winn about puzzles.
Thanks for the tips on the cookie puzzle! I have been wanting to do a puzzle piece collab for autism w/ each person's art - might I pick your ear about it in the process as it will have lots of curves?
Winn if I was going to tackle "real" puzzle shapes, I would get a new microplane! They make round ones and small ones that might work great in that application!
Hi, Julia and Rebecca. I constantly see cookie inspiration everywhere now since getting into cookie decorating a few years back. Too much even that I overwhelm my mind and go to bed dreaming of cookie sets. (I like sets too, think it's my ADD - it's a real struggle because I get bored easily with one design.) How do you sift through your ideas?
Thank you! I will take a look and ask on FB. Its awesome that you've come on here to answer all of our questions!
Frost Me, Cookie Connection is also a great place to ask this question - in fact, the question has already been asked here. If you search our forum topics, I am sure you will find some good tips in them.
Sweet Hill Cookies- I use pinterest again, but I also try to focus on a guiding image or theme that I can use to winnow ideas. So each idea gets run through the filter of my unifying idea to see if it makes the cut. If I am going for "light and airy" I won't do that design that needs midnight blue to work, or whatever!
Thanks Julia!
Ooh, here's a good question . . .
Hi, Rebecca and Julia. I am fairly new to all of this, and am having a lot of fun learning. But from what I can tell, cookiers don't actually make a whole lot of money from their cookies, but more from their blogs and from product placement. Is that the reality of the cookie world?
Oh absolutely! CC is a great place to get advice in the larger community too!
I'm not a cookie seller, but I am a cookie world groupie. I would say that there are a few people, in a few markets, who are making a fair amount of money selling cookies for events. But then there are another group making money in teaching and blogs and like that. The former is very location dependent though. But either can work, it seems like.
Frost Me, Our "Business of Cookies" forum is the best place to look; it has a sub-topic called "Start-up Shoulds and Should Nots" where you can already find a lot of great answers/approaches to your question. Here's the link to that sub-topic: http://cookieconnection.juliau...e-based-or-not-to-be
I would love to hear Julia's answer too, because she is more experienced in this area!
Side note, it's hailing here right now.
I think it's incredibly hard to make a living making JUST highly decorated cookies. I think there are people selling a lot of them, but I question whether they are really paying themselves what they're worth or making a profit based on the prices I've seen bandied about . . .
Agreed Julia on the price!
Though I know a few in New York city who make an appropriate amount. but we can't all be those guys!
If you're going to get into the custom baking business, I'd suggest having a more diversified portfolio - you can certainly sell elaborate cookies, but you should also have simpler, repeatable cookie (and other product) designs that can be your mainstay.
Take Eleni's Cookies in New York as an example.
And I don't mean we cant all ask for a reasonable amount of money. But we can't all live in NY or LA!
They started out long ago with very elaborate cookies, but as they've grown, there's been a noticeable change to simpler designs.
Yes, but even in NY, Eleni's has changed designs. I'm sure they recognized that it wasn't sustainable to produce mass quantities of highly designed cookies in order to stay profitable,
I digress . . . but I also think there are very other (lucrative) ways to make money in cookies. Book publishing is NOT one of them, but other forms of media and one-on-one teaching can pay quite well. But it takes time and experience to build a reputation that allows you to do enough of the latter to make a living at it.
I was think of The Tough Cookie or Oh, Sugar... but yes, all have found a way to make their process streamlined, and lots combine with other cookies, cakes, doughnuts and like that! It seems like a tough market.
Ok, back to Rebecca's questions . . . sorry.
Yes, I have heard there is no money in books!
You talked about bigger projects and getting them noticed . .. in all of the social media out there, what do you find to be the best forums? With four young children, I am all about time management and what is the most effective. As a mom yourself, what do you find helps you keep that balance best?
Thank you to both of you for your time :-)
Oh excellent! I've bookmarked it and look forward to going through it. Thanks again.
Art is rarely priced appropriately. Cookie art included.
What kills me, is that people will pay $7 for a Papyrus birthday card, but not $7 for an intricately decorated cookie with the same saying that they can actually eat!
I hear you, Bakerloo.
Adding older comments from you all now. Sorry, I was typing when they came in and got backed up in posting them.
Completely agree re:  Eleni's
Did I send my media question?
Winn- I still am a sucker for Facebook, though I doubt that is really the best way to get out there. Still, in whatever platform, I concentrate on content, because I can see even within my own posts that it is all about the cookies.
Yes, Winn, I just posted it. I had other questions queued up before it.
And I just answered it!
I do CC, FB, IG, Pinterest and now Twitter, as well as my fledgling blog. Really I should do less FB and more blog, but old habits die hard! My day to day chatty stuff I do on IG.
Chiming in . . . I think Facebook is great still, but it really depends on what you post. They are sharing video like there's no tomorrow - or, at least, people are eating it up there. They're starting to monetize video too, though starting with big media players first.
Native Facebook video could be a huge money-making possibility.
I fear I'm doomed in the video department, but that's a great thing to know Winn- might be the way to go!
More from Bakerloo on Eleni's . . .
AND Eleni's stopped selling through Dean & Deluca and only sell directly, now, I believe.
Thank you for your time and knowledge!
Thank you!
Very interesting about Facebook and video, Julia.
My pleasure!! There are still a few questions in the queue- I'm happy to stick around for a few to answer them!
My video I just posted yesterday has 3,000 shares this morning, But there are also tricks to how you format the video to get it viewed. More on that later.
And thank you everyone who is here! I'm always sure it will be a ghost town LOL!
I'm going to extend the chat right now. I'll post the next question while I do.
Does it ever feel like when you say "I can never do that again" THAT happens to yield the best results for you lol. I think attempting your passion will always leave you feeling unbalanced. There is no balance when passion is involved.
I don't think we'll need the 30 minutes, but it gives us plenty of buffer.
Shannon, I have a long list of things I've promised my husband I won't do, but I still find tons to occupy my cookie mind and dreams. It IS very addicting and fun!
perfect Julia, thank you!
Speaking of spread and puzzles and microplaning . . . do you use your own cookie recipe, or do you use a publicly available one? I find that the recipes that I use are too soft to submit to a microplane!
I use Lilaloa 2.0. And only plane completely cooled cookies. And only trim with a knife on warm ones.
I would love to know your thoughts about Periscope and whether you think that is a good way to get our names and art out there versus going the blog/YouTube video route?
I also do slightly thicker cookies, but crisp edge cookies work best.
I have messed around on Periscope, but in a very silly way. I don't know- I think that you need a solid presence elsewhere where you can save your "good" Periscope videos and people can connect to you on their time too. But certainly it can be a fun hook!
Hello to everyone - I just caught up on the chat. So wonderful to have you here Rebecca- I so love your work!
Hi Tina!!
I don't think Periscope has the viewership right now to really help anyone get recognized, and while it's a cool idea, the live format is extremely tough if you are trying to do tutorials and project yourself as an expert. If you want to hold a live Q&A, well then, it could be perfect for that.
Yes! I think Periscope can be a feather in a cap! but not the whole cap!
As with any social media platform, I think its usefulness depends on what you want to achieve.
What is your preference for piping: bags or bottles?
Bags! I tried bottles starting out, and I don't feel like I have enough control, and they are a pain when you are working over several nights.
My Dad and I used to do those adult coloring books when I was a kid, and I loved the floral ones but starting to do them with my own son. The idea of a children's cookie coloring book is awesome!! Speaking of Dad, he is the one who encouraged me down this journey (and from whom I learned arts), and my children inspire me daily to keep on this sweet journey! But I want to pull more of my art into cookies (and cakes), but I cannot seems to get edible art to the same caliber as when I used to draw, paint, make clay art, do stage/room designs . . . your work is so detailed and artistic, and I see your drawings and then the cookie project, and they are so incredibly well done! I am wondering if some of it may just be time on my end . . . how long does it take you to do a projects from drawing to finish - like the succulents puzzle? Totally a gorgeous piece by the way!
When I was State side I went to Barnes and Noble and saw the adult coloring books and immediately thought of you too! They are awesome for ideas.
"There is no ballance where passion is involved" favorite quote of the day! Shannon.
The succulents one actually came together pretty quickly, but I had been thinking about it for a long time. On those arty sets I have always put a ton of time into thinking and getting inspired. I want to maximize the amount of opportunities for lightning to strike! Then it usually takes 3-4 nights from start to finish on execution. Though longer for something like a jigsaw puzzle set, which is for publication and not eating.
Posting more comments about previous comments. Sorry for the delay.
I was just about to try 2.0 today! Butter is warming up on the counter as we type.
Maybe that is a better question for Anita/Sweet Hope!  She is the Periscope queen.
I have hot date to get to.  Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us, ladies!
Don't let the butter get too warm Christine- it will spread more that way!
Have fun, Bakerloo!
Awesome tip on microplanes! Any you can recommend? I will have To look around now! Thanks!
Enjoy the hot date Bakerloo!
Winn- a fan showed me hers that she got on Amazon- should be a quick search to find them!
Why there is no money in books? I always thought you can make a good money in books.
Well, I've never done a book, but that's what I've been told. But since Julia has three (or more?) she would be the expert!
The book publishing world has changed dramatically since the advent of blogs, among other things.
With so much content being given away for free, it's tough to get people to want to buy anything. This is reflected in book deals with MUCH smaller advances (which were already small to start), and much shorter time frames within which to write them.
Royalty rates have stayed about the same, but it's tougher to sell books in a crowded marketplace, and you only earn royalties once you earn out your advance.
As an example, I am currently in the process of selling Spanish language rights to one of my books and it is only a $2500 deal.
Love your doll sets! What type of food coloring do you paint with? Gels, airbrush, powders?
We are going to blaze through the remaining questions now.
I have to go shortly! So hopefully I can quickly answer these last few questions! Thank you Julia for the low down on books! Good to know, as I look for ways to best use my cookie talents haha!
I don't think we can take any more (we have 7 in the queue), so please let us work through those. Thanks!
I paint with gels and water typically! Sometimes I use the others for a specific technique. My last watercolor sets were dry gel with Bacardi 151
As a self employed family, my husband and I have found keeping more than one financial stream was helpful. Rebecca, I love the way you put art into all of your areas of life. Do you have any other areas still calling to you to creatively pursue - ones that might be more profitable? (or just too alluring to ignore?)
Kim- Other than architecture and cookies and the occassional drawing. Hahaha! Well, I am working on a tattoo design for myself.
A comment from Winn, no question . . .
Great questions on cookies Bakerloo and tips on trimming cookies Rebecca, thank you! I too have been curious about Periscope . . . have not jumped on the bandwagon yet but seems like we are also missing a bunch of our fellow sugar artists creations and events if we are not on there-again come back to tying social media together...we need a cookie cable media network package
Awesome! Will take a look after I get sweets goodies boxes off in the mail!! thanks again!
On designs - you seem to make more sets that kind or fit together as one art piece . . . I absolutely love that about your work and have wanted to try more along these lines, but wonder if sets with a few statement pieces are more common for customers! How do you determine or find your market? I ask, as being in Flower Mound, Texas versus Boston, I have found that customers needs/wants seem very different from place to place.
Yes Winn- my market is definitely not customers with events, but when or if it is, I take a much more traditional approach to set design!
Not sure what Winn missed (a re ference back to an earlier comment?), but some questions here about blogging at the end.
Lol, Julia and Rebecca I missed them, as I was tending to one of said kids great tips Rebecca! I used to write a lot and used to have two blogs but I got away from them due to time management with adding another baby to our brood!  I am finding people respond to more posts on FB that are like one or two lines and less on the ones with more of a blog feel. Seems lately FB takes more time that blogging used to...any tips on maybe getting blog up again and how to/what best ways to connect different media platforms?
Yay for tattoos!
I don't have a lot of great blogging advice currently, as mine is just fledgling. But there is definitely lots of advice about blogs in the blogosphere LOL!!
Hi R! How do you keep all of your fabulous ideas streamlined?
Streamlined as in the design itself, or winnowed down to what I want to do? I alluded above to having a single theme or idea that I use within a project as a filter or criteria that helps be decide if an element stays or goes. And I always try and do the project that speaks to me the most at any given time if I can. All with the help of Pinterest as an actual organizational and sorting tool.
Gotcha! I missed post you had already answered on previous media question
Well, thanks Rebecca, Julia et all! Great chat! Airbrush and white cookies await me. Happy cookie filled day!
Have a great day, Kim.
Bye Kim!
Just two more questions to go! Unless Melissa chimes in with more clarification.
I'm a newbie. I have my cookie recipe and seem to have it down to a science.
I have lots of trouble with getting my icing the right consistency from the beginning!!!! Any tips?
Yes, I have a handful of bloggers I go to often myself, including LilaLoa. I look forward to seeing more of what you create and inspire, Rebecca!
Thanks for your patience, Cmouton! Your question was one of the last ones, and it took me a while to get to it!
It took me a full year or more before I felt like I had a handle on consistency. Julia in her books has great advice with actual measurements that can help instill consistency. Mainly, you just cant be afraid to take the icing out of the bag and adjust it again if you got it wrong! That's something I learned from learning sewing from my mom. Take it apart if it's wrong!
I have to go get new car seats loaded into our new minivan and goody packages in the mail, but thanks Julia once again for all you do with CC, and thank you Rebecca for taking the time to answer our questions and chat! Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!
Thanks for all of your great questions today, Winn. Have a good one.
Thank you Winn for joining us!
She answered it spot on. You dive into what you're feeling and want to create . . . taking or leaving what works as you go.
Thank you!
One last question from Winn, even after she has departed!
Ooooh, butter . . . that seems to be my nemesis . . . do you soften butter differently for different recipes? I like recipes best where you do not have to soften it - or at least much! What is the purpose of softening the butter, as I see that in a lot of recipes out there, and I feel like it makes my cookies spread more and have more of a crunch to their bite after they dry out overnight! Really, I would love to find a cookie recipe that is a soft-bake, like a chocolate chip cookie after even after a week!
Sorry the delays on my end, everyone. We had a busy chat and it's sometimes tough to post old questions and new comments when they are coming in at the same time.
I soften more for drop cookies, but just barely soften for roll outs, as I'm usually not chilling before I cut, and I think it helps prevent spread!
Still here...
Thank you ladies.
Softening is helpful in the creaming process; it helps with aeration of sugar and butter. But if you cream too much, yes, your cookies will expand and spread more. I minimize creaming but still use soft butter, so it incorporates evenly.
And that's all she wrote!
Thanks so much for staying on longer with us, Rebecca! And for all of your wonderful tips and advice. I know you have places to go today, so I'll close the chat in a sec.
Well... almost!! So, I didn't get a chance to say, but I had such a blast at Cookie Con teaching with Yankee Girl Yummies and Melissa Joy! We would love to find venues to teach more! And we have a couple of follow up collaborations coming from our design classes, and I will be in a few other fun collaborations this winter too- can't wait to share with you guys! So let me know if you want me to teach, or know of good venues. And don't forget to say hi on social media!! I love cookie chats.
Great! Will do!
Thank you Julia for the wonderful opportunity! It was a blast!
Thanks too to everyone on the chat for keeping it lively with your good questions.
See you on Cookie Connection, and have a great weekend!
Indeed! We couldn't have done it with out you! Have a great afternoon everone!
Thanks for the butter tips! Thanks again ladies! Really gotta run this time! Have a great weekend!
Thank you both for your time and great insites- hugs to everyone!
just caught up and saw my huge typo. Oh well. thank you Rebecca and Julia!
It was a lot of fun to read this chat. Thank you everyone!
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