Calhoun's Construction Set
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #20

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construction set 4 2015construction set 2015constructoin set 3 2015

I officially opened my cookie business, Sweet Treats by Sonya, in 2015.  This construction set was completed in 2015.  I was recently asked to do a construction themed birthday set this week, so I wanted to showcase this redo for the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge.  Perfect Timing!  Isn't it crazy that this is only the second construction themed birthday set I have completed.  You would think this would be a very popular theme.  

I used the same dump truck, construction cone and hard hat cookie cutters as in the original set, but I added a name plaque, the number 4, and a large handpainted plaque to include an outdoor scene with a digger (which was requested by my client, but I did not have a cookie cutter for a digger).  The original set was pre-KopyKake days, so now I am able to include more detailed fonts for names and I was able to use my KopyKake to help me create the digger on top of the handpainted scene.  Handpainting cookies is relatively new for me.  After joining McGoo U in June 2016, I try to handpaint on cookies whenever I can.  I just love how the handpainted scene turned out!  I did keep the look of the sanding sugar on top of the dark brown flood for the dirt - I like this effect, especially on the name plaque with the pile of dirt under his name.  I added a bit more detail to the dump truck cookie this time with the two-tone effect and more piping detail.  Finally, I added more dimension to the hard hat cookie.  I never liked the look of the first one I did.

As you can see from the original set - I did not know how to properly photograph my cookie sets in 2015.  The new 2017 set includes a vinyl backdrop, better lighting and a watermark on my image.   I am continuing to perfect my craft and I love to learn new techniques!



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Sweet Treats by Sonya although your first set was lovely your second set definitely shows your growth in the past two years the attention to details definitely has increased and your styling is show Worthy your customer must have been overly thrilled that you had paid so much attention to is order

I think construction themes are so much fun!  Your original set of cookies really was pretty terrific in its own right, but the new one definitely kicks it up a notch.  It's all the little details - the painted backgrounds, and fonts, etc. - that really do make the difference.  Well done!