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Original art by Lazydoll - Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #17

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Original art found here:

For this cookie I used 6 stencils (4 homemade + letters stencil + flower stencil), and 4 techniques: dust + brush (dress), royal icing applied directly on the cookie (face, hair and arms), letters stencil + dust + sponge (hair), and finally I made a transfer for the  crown. As additional media I handpainted details on the face.

I enjoyed very much investigating and working on this Challenge, so thanks again for proposing it



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Manu posted:

How nice Naiara! I like especially the stenciled effect on the skirt... and the consistency of your royal icing while stenciling. 

Oh, you know my name, that's so sweet I agree with you, I liked the effect on the dress, but then I tried (again) to use the letters stencil, and as usual I didn't succeed... I need to try harder with all this stuff

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