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A Sortable List of Cookie Connection Members Who Sell Cookies

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For more information about how to be added to (or deleted from) this list, please visit this forum topic. Under no circumstance is this list to be distributed to non-members of Cookie Connection. Please allow about one MONTH for updates to this list to occur. Many thanks!

Most Recent/Current Update: January 4, 2020 (Though the directory is dated November 2019, the November version remains the most current one.) 

Number of Members Now Listed: 214

Next Update: February 1, 2020

To Sort the List: The list is sorted by country (and then by state/province within country). To sort it alphabetically or by any other characteristic, simply:

  • Go to the "Review" tab at the top of the spreadsheet; then select "Unprotect Sheet" (This will allow you to sort, but not to modify any of the entered fields/data.)
  • Then go to the "Home" tab, select all the data (rows and columns) to be sorted (meaning everything entered, including the header titles in the line above the first business entry), select the "Sort & Filter" function in the upper right, and then follow the prompts under that function to sort by whatever column (variable) you would like.