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Oh, thank you so much!! It's funny you said no one would know they were Christmas cutters -- my sister was over yesterday and she looked at the cookies several times and she didn't see the cutters until I pointed it out to  her when explaining the challenge,

Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:

Brilliant!  This is such an adorable set!  No one would ever know you even used Christmas cutters.  Great job.



Aww, you are so sweet Winn!!  If this lion would ship,  I would totally send him to you but his mane is really fragile and already starting to flake off on the tips!  I did the mane as a royal icing transfer and  then placed it on the cookie -- I wanted the curly tips of it to hang off the points of the snowflake a bit. I left the middle open and then flooded the face after I got the transfer placed. Does that  help you figure out the design a bit?  Thanks again for your sweet comments!!!


I keep coming back to look at these...I ADORE them! So clever and so creative in your use of cutters! We kept lookin at the cutter you used for lion and could not get it to fit into design...i LOVE that lion!! GREAT job!!