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I don't speak Spanish really, but I think you asked if these were hard to make.  I didn't think so! There were a lot of steps, but nothing was very difficult. But I've done a lot of cut paper art before too.
Originally Posted by La abuelita de las galletas:

Es precioso !!!! y las crasas perfectas hijo, lo sΓ© Porque es mi planta Preferida. Han sido dificiles de hacer?


Iniciado por RebeccArchitect:
Yo no hablo espaΓ±ol muy, pero creo que se le preguntarΓ‘ si Γ©stas eran difΓ­ciles de hacer. Yo no lo creo! HabΓ­a un montΓ³n de pasos, pero nada era muy difΓ­cil. Pero he hecho un montΓ³n de arte de papel cortado antes tambiΓ©n.
Iniciado por La abuelita de las Galletas:

Es precioso !!!! y las crasas perfectas hijo, lo sΓ© Porque es mi planta Preferida. Han Sido dificiles de Hacer?


Thank you, you understood perfectly my question, now is my turn to say that my english is not very good. Really, really i love this cookies and i think your succulents are totally perfects. Bravo!!!

Barb- I used a regular paper tutorial for the basic succulents. And there were tons of other flowers- look for cricut patterns.  And...if you have a cricut or similar machine, mass producing these would be relatively straightforward. They went together very easily, and I just cut them out with an exacto from the pattern.  Kari has a wafer paper tutorial here that I referenced for coloring the paper, but I learned some things too- I might have time next week for a blog post.
Originally Posted by BAKRGAL:

Beautiful, Rebecca ... and, as always, something completely new and different from you!  I love the work on the wafer paper flowers.  Looking forward to some insights on that .. I'm about to embark on using them on some cookies I'm doing (something much less ambitious, but a LOT of them -- wedding cookies!)


Originally Posted by Bakerloo Station:

BTW, is there a chance you could post a picture of the naked cookie puzzle, so people can see all of the different pieces and how perfectly they fit together?

Christine- I can post the pic tomorrow- but the centerpiece was actually one cookie scored in to the shapes with cutters. I was going to cut it all out, but that seemed unnecessarily difficult.  In the end it broke in two... it's confusing.

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