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SugarVeil Series
Inspired by recent videos by Julia, SweetAmbs, Haniela, and a few others (so sorry that I've forgotten your names :( )

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Originally Posted by Julia M. Usher:

Here's the link to the SugarVeil collaboration that inspired this set: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ucts-collaboration-1


Other collaborators (than those named above) included Montreal Confections, Happy Cakes Bakes, Sugarcoder, Krazy Cool Cakes, and Pink Cake Princess.


Thank you so much, Julia, for completing what I had only started when I was looking to give credit for the inspiration  with this set. It's a wonderful product and you can go crazy with all the lace mats available online . Can be very pricey so I am endeavoring to choose designs to fit lots of cookie applications!


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