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Hi, @Rebecca King, Lovely first posts! However, a couple of very important posting reminders that will ensure that your photos can be searched and found on the site, and that our site searches pull up meaningful results:

1) All must be given descriptive main titles, not the photo number from your camera (i.e., this photo is labeled "43D35A08-A2D6-40C9-B414-90BC93EFDEA2"). Please go back and edit all of the photos you uploaded today to give them proper titles. Simply overwrite the default photo title with a descriptive title. To edit, click on "Manage Content" to the right of the post, and then "Edit Post".

2) All photos also need descriptive tags; again, your only tags on this photo are a bunch of numbers which will never be searched. Again, please go back and edit all of the photos you uploaded today to give them proper tags.

3) We only allow the uploading of five photos at one time (in close succession) so that no one person's photos dominate our home page photo feeds.

Please review our "Site Posting Guidelines" before posting again, as they explain these rules and others in great detail. These rules are largely in place to enable your photos to be searched and found, but also to ensure that when people use the search function on the site, they get meaningful results. A link to the posting guidelines can be found in the email you got right after you posted and also in a "Please Read Before Posting" block at the top of the "Clips" page. Thank you.

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