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Angelina Jolie Maleficent Cookie
Decorated sugar cookie with painted fondant

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Originally Posted by Robin H@Sweet Hart Bake Shop:

Is this the one that cracked? Were you able to fix it or is this a redo? It's gorgeous!

yup, this is the one that cracked.. i haven't tried yet to fix it.. i got carried away with a huge day of the dead customer request.. my hand is like "the claw" (that friends episode where Chandler played for 8 hours at Mrs Pacman arcade game)

Originally Posted by ClassicCookies by Parr:
Wow! This is AWESOME! What crack?! It's fabulous!

after this photoshoot, i moved the cookie and the fondant cracked in two.. i haven't fixed it because I'm afraid of messing the drawing.. but I have to..

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