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These are lovely I am looking for a cookie cutter set like theses Please share where you got them or how you accomplished these beautiful cookie. I like the way you think design wise. Thanks for sharing.

SusieQ I've written a comment with links to the letter templates and how I made the cookies, it's just waiting to be approved, presumably because of the links, and I'm guessing Julia's quite busy at CookieCon right now! :-)

I love all your cookies!
With pleasure watching your video on registration cookies - amazing clarity of movement, just perfect! And, of course, beautiful - and the selection of colors, and the drawing itself

Hi SuseiQ. Unfortunately these aren't from cutters - I'd love to have a set like this! I handcut them around wooden templates I bought from Hobbycraft (in the UK). You can get them here though I'm sure there something similar in the craft section of most big craft stores around the world!

I did make a video of how I decorated the 'LOIS' letters, which you can see in my Honeycat Cookies Youtube channel here and a blog post about them here!

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