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Hi, Alahoradelta - I believe you wanted to comment on Tina's comment, but instead you reported your comment to me, which puts it into a queue for me to approve or delete. It is not necessary to do that if you are commenting on a photo. (The Report feature is to report comments that are not in keeping with the site guidelines, i.e., are abusive or negative.) To comment on a photo simply hit "Post Comment" at the bottom of the page (under the other comments) and it will post automatically without going into a queue. Here is the comment I believe you wanted to post here:


Thanks for your comment Tina,mold are from KAren Davies. You can see it at this link, I love it!

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Alahoradelta, I approved your other two comments to this post, but for some reason they did not show up. 


What I would suggest is that you enter them directly here, as I described above. Thanks.

Thank you. Karen Davies molds are top notch. I am so glad to some others with fondant on cookies. IT is such a beautiful way to express one self and despite popular belief fondant is delicious. 

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