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These are not my usual 3D cookies of late, but I wanted to see how big cookies, specifically cookie pops, could be and how long they would last on a large cake.  Well, they can be pretty big, and fairly heavy.  I think each cookie weighed 2 pounds before I added the sticks!

Both of these large cookie pops faces are hand-sculpted and painted with a mixture of modeling chocolate and fondant.  On the backs, I secured the sticks with thick royal icing and Icing Images' black flex frost sheet spiderwebs.  (The black eye sockets were still wet when I snapped these pictures, so that accounts for the weird tracks in the eyes.  Note to self, wait longer before snapping pics. <le sigh>

The boy skull's bow tie is also made with cut outs from an Icing Images' black flex frost sheet.  The girl skull's hair bow has an isomalt brooch on it.  The purple hairband is model choc/fondant mix, but dusted to look like fabric.

For other cake details, I made a isomalt heart pop, more flex frost sheet spiderwebs, flex frost lace, isomalt eyeballs, and model choc/fondant skull pendants.

The top tier of the cake was strawberry champagne cake, filled with strawberry compote, covered with white chocolate whipped ganache buttercream.  The bottom tier was a "boozy candy bar" --triple chocolate cake, bourbon caramel, covered with dark chocolate whipped ganache buttercream.  Then the whole cake was then sprayed with PME silver lustre spray that I had leftover from some of Julia's classes.

This was a fairly tall anniversary cake, standing 12" before the cookie toppers.  After the addition of the cookie pops, the cake stood 21" tall + 1" for the cake plate.  That's a lotta cake!  

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