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Christmas Scenario
This was my 2022 Cake International project. All project with royal icing, except the coffee table top, made with isomalt.

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The brick and floor were done 1 by 1.

For the tree, I used the eclair tip to mold the cookie and made with 3 green different colours. For the basket, I made a small one to be the tree base.

The fireplace was built outside of the project, with internal wall, where I painted the small bricks.

The candle was done with pasta covered by Royal icing.

all small details were made with the proportional size.

The armchair was made with cookies and molded by hand.

Thanks Julia Usher for some videos those help me regarding the details from your fireplace scene, where I got the tips from the candle plate and the fireplace gate (I don’t remember the name for the gold detail in front of the fireplace).



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  • Candle
  • Brick
  • Tree
  • Cookie plate
  • Basket
  • Floor
  • Fireplace
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Wow - so much work (especially with the bricks)! Great job!

Yesssss A lot of work, but was amazing to do it! And about bricks…. I don’t remember how many I did 😂😂😂😂 I was tired to cut them and check if they are at same size 🤪

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