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Delicate Icing Cookie Art - Cookie House with plaque cookie
The cookie house with royal icing embroidery and lace embellishments for my mum's birthday.

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Hi, lovely! When you've got multiple views of the same cookie, it's best/preferred to post one or two main images, and put the other variations as attachments to one of the main images. Our site posting rules actually recommend posting no more than two images of the same cookie.


Lately, I've been receiving a fair number of complaints about people posting the same cookie from many different angles, so I am going to be a stricter enforcer of this rule going forward! 

Originally Posted by Delicate Icing Cookie Art:

Hi Julia, thanks a lot for your reminder... I'm new in the community and didn't realize my photos dun appear in a set only after posting them through my mobile device.  Very sorry for the inconvenience caused and will be more cautious in my next post.

Thanks - you can always go back and edit your clips/uploads after they are uploaded. The site posting rules explain how to do this, among other things: http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST 

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