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Cool Dog Days of Summer
150 Cookies for Food Distribution

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I finished the food distribution cookies a bit early this week.  Last week, I made the “Hot Dog Days of August” so it’s only fitting that this week I have the “Cool Dog Days of August”.  I’m really happy with how they turned out.  The dog face is a royal icing transfer.  Doing it ahead gave me a chance to add the various accessories and airbrush.  I’m attaching a photo of one of the models.  He has an identical litter mate brother.  Neither one is terrible “cool”- in fact one recently got a bucket stuck on his head – but I imagine this is their alter ego.  Very groovy.

Cool Dog GroupBoris



Images (2)
  • Cool Dog Group
  • Boris: The Model

Wow Lisa, it’s amazing how your creativity and skills seem to have no end! Awesome work, dear. And I looove your model of inspiration, he’s so cute!!! ♥️

Thank you Heather.  The "model" pictured is the brother to the one you think is a "masseuse" when it storms.😂😘❤️

LOL!! So funny and cool dear cookie friend!!! ... and so many again, Lisa!!

Yes, Gabi, so VERY many!  When they were drying on the table it was a lot to take in!! Lots of Cool Dogs were watching me!!😂😂😘😘

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