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Wafer paper . . . frosting sheets . . . edible images . . . yeah, the array of edible papers used for cookie and cake decorating can be mind-boggling! But stay tuned! With Edible Papers 101 under your belt, you can say so long to second-guessing which paper is best for which cookie decorating task!


Enjoy the video here, or in higher resolution with links to other tips and videos on YouTube:


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  • Julia Working with Pre-Printed Wafer Paper from Fancy Flours: Photo by Steve Adams
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Originally Posted by Cookie Crafter:

Great video!  Especially liked the tip on using a "craft punch". That was the number one question I had about using these papers, how to cut them nicely.


Thanks, Cookie Crafter!

Originally Posted by SoulDoctor:

Can you use edible markers or gel colors to color/paint in printed images on wafer paper?


Yes, but too much moisture on wafer paper can cause it to curl or buckle. Depending on what you're trying to do, you may like this effect, but just be aware of this, especially when painting on it.

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