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Hazy Shade of Summer
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 - Month of July

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The river Elbe, that is running almost through my back yard, on a typical day in summer - or at least the sorry excuse we have for that season in northern Germany


I had the hardest time with the technical requirements of this challenge, and think I got it all wrong... what the heck, at least I tried *lol*

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

Wow, beautiful!  The colors are matching to this site.   I love yours.

Thanks, Ryoko, I had the color list open beside me while mixing - glad it turned out matching!

Magadiuz posted:
Laegwen posted:


This banner is great! I'm looking forward to admiring it in July. I'd love to❤️

Thanks a lot! I'd also not mind  But there are so many awesome entries, we simply need more months!

virago posted:

in love with this entry! gorgeous set, beautiful complimentary colors, and that banner is fab! so glad you got this posted in time!

Thanks for this sweet comment!

Kat Rutledge - Ibicci posted:

Oh My! I ADORE that banner! These are beautiful Laegwen! So evocative of summer, beach and the tonings are lovely!

Thanks, Kat, glad you like them!

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