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Heart Cookie with Luster Dust

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Thanks so much to be the first one to post a video (besides me!) It's so lovely! Can't wait to see you and others post more video creations here. (I'm shooting 13 more videos in about 3 weeks, so should have a bunch to start feeding into this site soon!)

Jeanna - I find that it does quite easily smudge unless you dampen it EVER so slightly with a little extract and sponge it in place. (But it can smudge a little then too, and, with too much extract, the extended dust just oozes under the stencil.) But The Cookie Studio may have a different experience. Will be interested to hear her tips.

Hallo Jeanna,


Thank you for your comment.

It can smear indeed, so extra careful you must be with this cookie.

I still not have the perfect solution, but you can do it Julia's way.

Or the only think i can think off is spray it with some glitter from a can of you airbrush then you have a sort off coating.

If anyone have tips please let us know!!


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