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Home Sweet Home for Christmas
Home Sweet Home cookie inspired by Debbie of Debbie Doo's full credit below

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What a crazy Christmas this year!! I've hardly been on the site with my schedule being so full. First of all, a huge credit goes to Debbie Manno of Debbie Doo's (a craft site for DIY crafters). I was browing her site and found a banner that inspired a cookie design. I contacted her to see if she would let me copy the work onto a cookie. She graciously said yes. When I showed the finished cookie to her I asked for her permission to post it. Again, she said yes .  Her site is really unique and so creative...see all the amazing crafts around Home Sweet Home at

I've not liked many of the Santa cookies I've done in the past and haven't made any cookies with cookie sticks before. They're fun!! I liked how my cookie stick Santa came out this year . I was scratching my head about how to make a cute reindeer on a cookie stick and got the idea to search royalty free cartoon images. I tweaked the few that I saw into the one created on the cookie stick in the picture.

I've never really gotten into the idea of the "ugly sweater" cookies. Where does that come from??? Anyone know? I wanted my sweaters to be cute and fun, not ugly. It's hard to tell that there's a mouse sitting in the lower left pocket on my sweater cookie. But that was the general idea when I sketched it out.

The light bulb design is from Sweet Ambs. Not my idea. You can watch Amber's tutorial at

Merry, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays...whatever you may celebrate, may you enjoy the spirit of the season with joy, happiness and much love!!

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:
Teri Pringle Wood posted:

Outstanding,  love that sweater😊 @Cookies Fantastique💗

Thank you so much Teri  @Teri Pringle Wood ❤❤❤

Thank you so much dear Teri @Teri Pringle Wood!! I thought the idea of a little mouse in a sweater would be fun. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell that it's a little mouse poking out of a pocket. But it's fun nontheless . So glad you liked it.

Icingsugarkeks posted:

WOW!!!! My dear Carol, it's such a great Christmas set!!!! Totally cute! I like the green sweater with the cute mouse!! @Cookies Fantastique 😘

Thank you so very much Gabi @Icingsugarkeks!! I'm so glad you like the little green sweater with the mouse in the pocket . Wanted it to be more recognizable but didn't have the space for that.  Hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be . Thank you my dear cookie friend ❤️

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