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How to Assemble 3-D Stuff-able Stocking Cookies

A New Video by Julia M Usher

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It's Double Feature Day! Here's a second new video posting, all about how to cut and assemble my 3-D stuff-able stocking cookies. In another video (COMING SOON!), I show all of the details behind the needlepoint pattern on one of the stockings.


To watch this video in its full high-def glory (it's low res here) and with annotated links, please visit it here on my YouTube channel - and please subscribe while you're there! 




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  • 3-D Stuff-able Stocking Cookies: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
Originally Posted by Nancy Margarita:

I love all these stuff-ables that you make I will make these next year

Ah, thanks so much, Nancy!

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