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How to Dip and Decorate Contoured (or Rounded) Cookies

A Video by Julia M Usher

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In this video, I show how I decorated the surfaces of my 3-D Christmas globe ornaments (assembled in this earlier video), but the same techniques can apply to almost any rounded cookie shape.


First, I explain the differences between dipping in an egg wash versus royal icing; then I move onto dipping techniques, and - lastly - I show simple ways to add details using edible paper cut-outs and royal icing beadwork techniques. After this, you won't want to miss my ornament video, where I put the pieces all together!


P.S. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss my upcoming releases! There are many more to come. Also, to see this video in high-res and its fully annotated glory, with embedded links, jump on over to YouTube to view it, here. Thanks!




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  • Dome Cookies in Various Stages of Decorating: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
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