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A Video by Julia M Usher

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The last of my egg videos for this Easter season! (My other ones were made of cast sugar, so I only posted them to YouTube - not Cookie Connection.) These decoupaged numbers are made of cookies, wafer paper, and gold leaf, and are completely edible! I love their vintage feel, but by changing out papers, you can give them an entirely different effect.


I've also got some new graphics and music in this video, which partially account for the fact that I posted this one on Easter. Sorry for the delay . . .


Anywho, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Or help support my channel by making a small donation (just click on the button on the right of my YouTube channel home page). It is only through your support that I can afford to make more videos. THANK YOU!


To view this video in high-res with linked annotations, click here to go to YouTube.





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  • Egg Standing in Sugar in Vintage Glass: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
  • Eggs Lying Down: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher
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