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A Video by Julia M Usher

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There’s nothing I love more than something that’s functional, beautiful, and . . . edible! And here you have just that – a woodland-themed cookie napkin ring, just in time to set your Thanksgiving table!


NoteThis video is an easier, and much smaller, variation of my woodland-themed cookie box that I posted earlier this month. So if you have any trepidation about making curved cookie pieces, this is a good place to start!


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To view this video in high-res, click here or on the link above!

Originally Posted by Tina At Sugar Wishes:

Do you think anyone would actually eat these? Beautiful ideas- I love everything you do!

Thanks! They do in my family!

Maria Regina Gruppelli Real posted:

Sou fã incondicional de Júlia.Que Deus aumente sempre esta sua criatividade Divina.

Thank you again!

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