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A Video by Julia M Usher

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You asked! And this is my answer! After posting my cookie wedding cake box project a few weeks ago, I received loads of questions about how I made the rose lattice cookies that form its sides. In this video, I explain it all - from stamping the roses, to giving them color with painting and dusting, to stenciling and applying the finishing beadwork, Enjoy! And please feel free to send me suggestions for new videos at any time!


P.S. To see this video in high definition and with all the linked annotations, click here. Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss my upcoming releases! There are many more to come.




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  • Rose Lattice Cookies In The Round: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher

Oh, yeah, horrible to spend time gluing beads or to tap down peaks with a brush. If the consistency of the icing is just right, there should be no need to do either.

Originally Posted by Mily:

What kind of plastic do you used to mask the cookie?


I used Glad Press'n Seal, because it's more sticky than normal plastic wrap. So it's less likely to shift under the stencil. But I understand it can be harder to find in some parts of the world. Normal plastic wrap can also work; you just have to be more careful to make sure it does not shift while you're working.


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