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Behind the scenes of the cookie making

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The pattern is clearly visible at every passage of the cookie making and mesmerizing. I tried to combine my newly passion for islamic geometry with my passion for cookies. That’s why I didn’t use any software to draw the pattern and I didn’t use any cookie cutter. I have been drawing the pattern again and again with a compass and a ruler and then traced it on a baking sheet, cut the templates and handcut the cookies. They are 109. The cookies spreaded in the oven, so the composition is slightly bigger than the one drawn on the baking sheet, but still quite accurate. The cookies are handpainted with food coloring.


I love the ephemeral aspect of cookies, but it took me months to think and realize this project, so I tried to keep it “alive” for a while through this video. Many things around us could be the sparkle to make cookies.


I have learned to draw this pattern from Richard Henry at the workshop held with Adam Williamson by The Art of Islamic Pattern in Dubai last year (Nov 2017).


Special thanks to cookie friend @Jo baked as I learned about this art from her. We are mutual followers on IG, and @artofislamicpattern popped up in my feed because she already followed them and had participated to their workshops.


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  • Islamic Pattern Cookies by Manu: Cookies and Photo by Manu
  • Islamic Pattern Cookies by Manu: Cookies and Photo by Manu
  • Islamic Pattern Cookies by Manu: Cookies and Photo by Manu
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Brava!  I love it. You must be delighted to have the opportunity to explore the wonderful new culture where you now live.  

If you've posted these topics before would you please re direct me to your answers.  If not, would you mind telling us what chocolate cookie recipe you use?   Do the ingredients for cookie making in Dubai vary from what's available in Italy and what's special about them?  

Thanks Manu

Fabulous Manu!  I also love Islamic art, I took photos of la alhambra's beautiful tiles and intricately amazing Islamic plaster-work when I stayed there for my !*# birthday, some years ago.  I had them framed (A4 size) and they are now gracing my guest bedroom's walls!

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