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It's Never Too Late for Love
Cookies for the Food Pantry

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The rest of life overwhelmed my cookieing for a bit.  (I hate it when that happens!) I did manage to get out 100 cookies for the food pantry. I delivered them after Valentine’s Day but I wanted to do a cookie that was somehow connected.  I chose this design because it’s absolutely never too late for love!

Oh, they are so beautiful, dear Lisa!!! Hope your life is ok. God bless you ♥️

Thank you Heather.  I appreciate your concern.  Life is okay, just busy. Real world responsibilities cut into my cookie time!!

They look great - especially all of the flowers. I am sure they loved them!

thank you Julia.  They were well received.  It's kind of interesting to see different reactions.  Everyone is appreciative but sometimes my favorites are not necessarily anyone else's!😂

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