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Japanese Summer Festival ♪
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #23

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Here is my entry, "Japanese Summer Festival" cookieset in warm colours (+ white)!!

I live in Germany in the northern hemisphere so I had to make the set of summer-themed cookies.

In Summer lots of big fireworks-festivals are held all over Japan
and talking of Summer, these festivals come first to my mind. Yes, I'm Japanese!!

So I gahtered nostalgic festival-related things, like lanterns, cotton candy, water yo-yo, and fans which have classic summerkimono-patterns!!
They are so colourful in festivals, of course both in warm colours and cool colours but in accordance with Challenge rules I made them in warm colours.
I used also white a lot though, because the festival-related thing are originally for cooling you down from the heat of summer. I just tried to add such refreshing mood.

For the Fireworks Isomalt was used between circle cookies so that you can enjoy a COOL breeze through this cookieset in warmcolours

Through this Challenge I learned about the colours a lot. Thank you.

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