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Jolly Mask and Five of a Kind
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #21

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Edible Sugar Lace, Hand-Piped Lace and Needlepoint

3d gingerbread construction. for decorating: royal icing, edibile lace and piping gel for the gems.

length 40 sm x width 22 sm x height 13 sm


Inspiration for my design is "five of a kind" - combination from the poker game.    

Joker and four aces





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Bakerloo Station posted:

Wow!  This is such a creative, non-tradition use of lace!  It looks like a carnival mask!  

Thank you very much!!!

initially this was just a idea of the carnival venetian mask with many lace. Jolly or Joker. This characters often used like the masks on Venetian carnival, however they have not original italian roots )
For this reason i decided add to composition the four aces, so now we have legendary poker combination

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