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Jumping Gingerbread
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #7 - As an Air-Force brat living in Germany, I got a wonderful simple wooden toy from Santa. It was called a Hampelmann and I loved it. These are my version.

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Originally Posted by Econlady:

Love the owl!

Unfortunately, he is in wildlife rehab because I did not take into account the weight of the wings.  The pins were not strong enough to support and move them and one wing broke.  They had to be "glued" on instead of free-moving.

For any of you who might have some engineering background, this is the back of the dragon with the workings for the jumper.  Any recommendations for how to improve it?

Dragon Back


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  • Dragon Back: Jumping gingerbread workings.  Spent more time trying to make this work than I did cutting (first hand-cut cookies), baking and decorating combined.
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