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Lacy Hearts
Lacy Valentine Hearts by LA

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Lovely! So nice to see you posting more cookies!

P.S. I took this photo out of the 3-D clip set, as that set is only for truly 3-D cookies constructed out of multiple cookies. Clip set definitions can be seen by clicking on any yellow highlighted clip set link at the top of any photo or under "Clips/All Sets" (just click on the desired clip set there, and the definition will appear at the top of the page that opens up).

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@Lisa Ashby posted:

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments!

@JuliaMUsher I apologize for the error; the definition on the clips will be a help now that I know how to use.  Thank you!   

No worries - the site can take a little getting used to. There is a lot here. Thanks for the terrific posts. Keep them coming!

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