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Originally Posted by RebeccArchitect:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL You win the internet for all time.  You are 100% getting extra credit for the use of the gnome!  Also, a totally beautiful cookie besides! 

Lol...this was an extra cookie from that challenge. It was sitting in the freezer and I used it to experiment a little mixed media. I wasn't planning on sharing it but it turned out alright, so why not 

Originally Posted by TammyHolmes:
When I first saw this I thought, "This kinda looks like a bit of my style", but I didn't know it was for the challenge! Ha! Love it.

Ha! Thank you! We do have a bit of similar styles. I'm really into mixed media these days and I'm trying to incorporate some of those techniques like stamping, stenciling, etc in to my cookie decorating. It kinda looks busy and messy but I like it      

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