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The night is dark and full of magic

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Originally Posted by LilleKageHus:

They are absolutely beautiful. My daughter is here with me and she just said, "wow..." we're both speechless! Wonderful cookies 

Mange tak, to both of you

Originally Posted by virago:

fantastic finish! is it a white wash? silver maybe?

The finish is built up of several "layers". Firts I painted white highlights with very fluid icing, e.g. corona around the moon, moonrays, parts of the scenery. Then I used RD Starlight Comet White with lots of alcohol (cheers!) and painted the complete cookie. And last I painted RB Dark Metallic Silver to add more depth on some spots

Google translate get's the credit! hehe
Originally Posted by Laegwen:
Originally Posted by Kim Damon:

Du er hjertelig velkommen!

That scrapes at the very borders of my Danish skills *lol*


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