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Mother's Tears
Folk ukrainian petrykivka handpainted ornament

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Hello, cookie lovers

!) I use bare yellow cookies as background.(Do you notice gray sport in the left corner? My icing bag torn and all black icing stained my bright yellow background.I washed  it with rag a lot. Thanks cookie God, rainbow recipe kept all torches and cookie has only  gray spot.   Be careful buying tools

2) The portrait shape was made with wet on wet technique

3) Ukrainian folk ornament in petrykivka style was painted with edible gouache. Adore this technique. There is a video if someone interesting in how to paint Petrykivka painting

Wish peace everyone

Last edited by Goloven Olga

Oh Olga, a beautiful piece of art with unfortunately such a sad background... I still can't believe it all and I wish you and your people finally peace!!
Peace and health, the most important goods in the world!  @Goloven Olga ❤️❤️

I so love this cookie despite its sad message. I am hoping you and your family remain safe. Like Gabi, I can hardly believe this terror is even happening . . . when did people forget that we're all equally human beings?

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