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Mujeres Que No Fueron Tapa

Mujeres Que No Fueron Tapa
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge # 22. Based on Lala Pasquinelli's collage, authorized to cookify it

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I replicated a collage of artist Lala Pasquinelli from "Mujeres que no fueron tapa" with her authorization to cookiefy her art piece which has been selected by her between her art productions so i could be able to cookiefy.

1) you can see i have cut the waffer paper in to  tiny  triangles so as to continue the lines of the original work.

Previously i dipped cookies: isn't that base just lovely?

Dipped cookies!

2) i have used waffle paper (made of rice) which has already had a picture of Minnie Mouse on it and cut the red, white and black areas to be used for the collage.

Note on a side: Cutting  this famous licensed image waffer was really a personal way that helped me out in being conscious of trying to avoid cookiefying licensed characters i have been loving so much before. Actually i am trying to find another impronta for my cookie productions and finding a better place for my creativity so as to avoid problems with not authorized characters. Just wanted to express this Lol The emotional Me here Lol Cutting waffer paper from a minnie mouse picture

3) With a toothpick i sticked every single triangle and shape i had cut for these three colours. Oh! Yes i sticked them in my RI.20170323_131510

The original collage is this one: Screenshot_20170330-225956

And this is one of my final cookiefied versions: 20170324_101725

I have just freezed them as Lala won't be able to gather with her cokies still, she is with lots of work these days.

Anyway, i thing there are some modifications i should do as the edge in the cookie, perhaps should do some dots there or a line. And something i should do to define the face of this lady.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did. Honestly i was a full day decorating them i had a long dedicated and detailed work on them.

Thanks for readig, got long as i got making them LOL



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  • Collage making
  • Cutting waffer paper from a minnie mouse picture
  • Dipped cookies!
  • Screenshot_20170330-225956
  • 20170324_101725
Last edited by Sil Quiroga *Ricas Cookies*

What a fun first entry to the challenge! (I also laughed when you mentioned cutting up the licensed character - what a good idea!)

Julia M. Usher posted:

What a fun first entry to the challenge! (I also laughed when you mentioned cutting up the licensed character - what a good idea!)

Oh yeah, yup, it was an interesting way of "cutting up" with licensed character cookies. Lol

See you later Julia, thanks!


Congratulations on being the first person to enter the latest challenge, Sil!  This is a wonderful way to kick it off!  And many thanks for your thorough (and very entertaining!) description of your process. Well done! 

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