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My overseas client wanted to give her mother a birthday present, so when I mentioned handpainted cookies, she said yes please, could I paint orchids as her mother loved them. 
It turned out that the lady is a well known International Orchid Judge (her sister is too and was there when these were opened) I asked politely if I could stay and watch her open the gift box... She was absolutely delighted, said she was certainly NOT going to eat them, and that the orchid is the middle of the photo was a definite First! 
I kind of thought she might not want to eat them, so I had made the gift tag out of a normal cookie with her daughters message written in edible pen.. She happily ate that one

Originally Posted by Belleissimo Cookies:

Wow amazing work Kat, I bet it was a slightly nervous wait for her to open the box, but how could she not love them! They are perfect!

Aw thanks Belle, I wonder if she still has them? Wouldn't that be funny

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