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Breakfast Cookies
Capricho's Carol

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Hi, again! Charming first post. Just a few (hopefully helpful) posting recommendations:

1) Please give your photos descriptive main titles in the future (not the photo number from your camera). I changed this photo title and your others from today, as examples for you.

2) Please select only appropriate clip sets. These are not 3-D cookies (constructed cookies), so I removed them from that clip set and put them in more appropriate ones.

3) Please ALSO give your photos meaningful tags. Again, I added some as an example.

I am suggesting these things just so your photos can be searched and found on the site. As you had them classified and tagged, they probably would not be found. Please see the "Site Posting Guidelines" you got when signing up for the site (also a link at the top of the "Clips" page) for more details about how to best post, tag, etc. your photos on this site.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to your next post!

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