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Baked Bouquet!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #11

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Originally Posted by bette:

Cutters: 1.Angel, 2.Snowflake, 3.Bell, 4.Candy Cane, 5.Candle. I can't seem to attach picture ... ??

Bette - GREAT entry! FYI: You were supposed to attach a photo of your cutters to this comment in order for your entry to qualify. I noticed you posted the cutter image as a separate photo to the clip set, and though I deleted that separate photo posting, I did save the image and am uploading it here for you. But for next time, please know that you can add an image to a comment just by clicking on "+ Add Attachment" under the comment editing field and following the prompts to upload your image. See attached screen shot of this. Thanks.



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How very pretty.  Like a walk in the woods.

Clever use of cookie cutters, but not knowing what the challenge was and the cookies being so pretty, I didn't think to look for cookie cutter shapes. Creative indeed!

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