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Mixed Media Bat
Used w permission from Zigi Design Studio I love bats πŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ¦‡

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Love it, Donna! What a great first post. Just a couple of site posting rules/suggestions to heed next time to ensure that your photos can be searched and to maximize their views:

1. You need to give photos a descriptive main title, not the long string of numbers from your camera (you had this in the title field: PXL_20231029_002009048). I edited the title of this image for you as an example only, but feel free to change to something else by hitting "Manage/Edit Clip" to the side of the image, and then "Update" at the bottom to save.

2. You should give your posts a range of tags that describe the mediums AND techniques used. The caption field is a nice place to add this stuff, as you did, but it is not searchable the way tags are. So I added some tags this time for you, as an example only.

3. We do not permit multiple images of the same cookie from the same angle, so that the home page photo feeds don't show too much of the same thing. So I deleted your second version of this cookie. If you want to post multiple angles (or zoomed-in versions) of the same cookie, it's best to add them in a comment (attach and insert them into the comment) under the one main photo post.

All the site posting guidelines can be found under "Please Read Before Posting" at the top and top right of the "Clips" main page.

Again, these rules are primarily designed to give your clips more visibility.

I can't wait to see your next creation; this first one is outstanding!

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