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Snow Day
150 Cookies for Food Distribution

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Like so much of the country, we too have had a rush of winter weather.  The only ones note inconvenienced are the dogs!  My dogs are much bigger, older and a whole lot slower but they still love the snow. 
The dog, his scarf and ball are all a royal icing transfer. Made out of left over icing from various projects!  I had a lot of broken legs and scarves and a few balls even fell out of his mouth.  Luckily, I had made about 180 transfers - which is about what I ended up needing to get 150 good ones.
The cookie cutter is actually a larger, more detailed plaque.  I lopped off the top and the bottom to give me the rectagular shape.

Awww.. totally cute dear Lisa!! I appreciate your work so much to make others happy !! You have a good heart!! Really!!! ❤️ @LisaF

My Buddy! Your comments are always so kind and very much appreciated. Big hug!❤️😘

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