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Solar System
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #31

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So I've been planning a solar system set for such a long time, hoping to do some beautifully flat, completely wet-on-wet cookies as a surprise for my daughter. But the best laid plans of mice and men etc., especially with a four-year old in the house.

She somehow caught vent of my idea, and INSISTED that she "help" me with it. (I was not amused.) And as I couldn't really say no - after all, they were for her! - this is what we made. I hope there is still enough wet-on-wet for it to qualify as an entry to the challenge.

The backgrounds are dipped in swirled dark blue and dark purple icing (Lucie's work), to which she added white wet-on-wet dots that I tried (she was slow and they were crusting fast) to turn into stars. She then splattered gold edible paint over them (and miraculously managed to keep most of it on the cookies and very little all over my kitchen!). I then added the planets (and the sun), all made with wet-on-wet details, under the strict surveillance of my daughter. (Add Mount Olympus! It isn't Mars if there is no Mount Olympus!)

And in the end, this is nothing like I had planned, and nowhere as technical, but I kinda like these cute planets, and I had fun with my kid!

I love the sweet story behind them too! We like getting youngsters turned onto cookie decorating as soon as possible, so they definitely qualify! 

This is the most darling little solar system ever! I LOVE that you made them with your daughter, and I think she did a fabulous job. I have been having a lot of trouble in this dry winter weather finishing my designs before they crust, so I definitely feel your pain there. However, you definitely cannot tell that you had any problems whatsoever!

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